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Coffeehouse & Grill

Fall thru spring

operating hours

Monday-Thursday8am-12pm | Breakfast

friday & saturday8am-8pm| All Meals

Sunday BRunch8am-3pm | Brunch All Day

Fall thru spring hours | october 30- end of May

Summer hours | Memorial day to labor day annually

Summer 2024 hours 

Monday-Thursday | 8am-5pm | Breakfast & Lunch
friday & saturday | 8am-8pm | All Meals
Sunday BRunch | 8am-5pm | Brunch All

Enjoy dine-in creekside cuisine in the backcountry of



Formerly the Big Leaf Dining Hall-- this space has served up community meals to Silver Falls visitors for decades, but until 2021, was only rented privately for contracted groups. The Smith Creek Village's new hosts, Silver Falls Hospitality, have recently transformed this historic space into a full scale restaurant.


The Big Leaf Coffeehouse & Grill now proudly offers both the broader public, and Park lodging guests, the opportunity to fuel up + nourish themselves before heading out of camp, or after returning back to settle in for the day. 

The dine-in menu includes a variety of homemade fresh breakfast, pastries, trail goodies, + a great source of nutrition to start your day in the Park! 


For lunch service, enjoy a bistro-style Smith Creek Village Burger, fresh vegan and gluten-free options, a hearty salad, or something to take along for your trek in the forest.


Sip on a local brew from Silver Falls Brewery or a local wine -- we highly recommend the pinot noir, selected especially from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. | 

*Dinner service is available year-round on Friday + Saturday evenings to the public and all lodging guests, and private catering services may also be added on to a Group Contract for any desired meals that are not within Big Leaf Coffeehouse & Grill's standard service hours.


Reservations through our Smith Creek Village Guest Services team are encouraged for all visitors, and are required for groups of 10 or more. | Last call for dinner is at 7:45pm, doors close at 8pm

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